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Joshua Sabih - Medlem

The Exploratory Workshop scheme is designed to bring researchers together in order to exchange ideas, establish new links and develop collaborative actions, with the main aim of opening up new directions in research or of exploring emerging research fields with potential impact on new developments in science. Each award allows between 15 – 30 researchers from across Europe to meet for 2-3 days, covering costs up to a maximum of €15,000. More information on the Exploratory Workshop scheme can be found at Here you will also find the 2011 Call for Proposals which outlines the scheme’s various criteria

Bedømmelse af (Proposal EW12-046) Title: Breaking The Grounds For An Arabic Etymological Dictionary (etymarab) Abstract of the proposal to be assessed: EtymArab is planned as an electronic database (website) that will highlight Arab cultural history through the etymology and semantic history of Arabic words and concepts, concentrating (in the start-up phase) on some 1000 terms of particular significance from various fields. The Workshop brings together experts from relevant disciplines and serves as a forum for brainstorming, taking principal decisions, and outlining a (or several) follow-up programme(s)

Body type: The Exploratory Workshop scheme
2 aug. 201216 aug. 2012

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