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Anna-Sofie Stensgaard
Anna-Sofie Stensgaard

Lektor, Gæsteforsker

I am broadly interested in all aspects of disease ecology, in particular in
trying to understand the underlying principles that drive broad-scale macroecological patterns of human infectious diseases. I have a special interest in parasitic
infections that involve a vector or secondary host species in their life cycles
– with a focus on how various biotic and abiotic factors influence the spatial
variation in single and co-endemic snail- and mosquito borne parasitic infection
patterns. Recent work involves studies of the impact of climate change on
snail-borne parasitic infections, and environmental risk mapping of
schistosomiasis, malaria, leishmaniasis and lymphatic filariasis in Africa and
Europe. I apply a multi-scale, multi-species approach, were individual
pathogens are investigated in the context of co-existing host-pathogen systems
and their spatial-environmental realities. I combine conceptual macro-ecological
approaches with a variety of modeling techniques, such as Bayesian
geostatistical modeling and species distribution modelling of large disease-
and biodiversity datasets.

ID: 40090226