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Anne-Katrine Skovsted Schulze
Anne-Katrine Skovsted Schulze
  • Fysiologi, Ernæring og Pelsdyrfarmen

    Grønnegårdsvej 3

    1870 Frb. C.

    Mobil: +45 61 77 19 82

In my PhD project I am working with physical effectiveness of forage fiber in cattle nutrition. The objective of my study is to evaluate the physical structure of grass/clover forages for cattle, and how it is affected by plant maturity stage and conservation form. 

This is pursued by in vivo studies with rumen fistulated heifers assessing animal response to grass/clover silages and hay. The studies involve recording of feed intake, chewing activity, reticulo-rumen motility, rumen pH, fecal particle size distribution, and rate and extent of digestibility.

ID: 15274008