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Beatriz Martinez Romera

Beatriz Martinez Romera


Primære forskningsområder

I am an Assistant Professor of Environmental and Climate Change Law at the Center for International Law, Conflict and Crisis (CILCC), where I am involved in environmental and climate change research. Specifically, my PhD thesis focused on the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions from international aviation and maritime transport. I have a keen interest in the international climate negotiations, and the regulatory processes at the International Civil Aviation Organization and the International Maritime Organization, as well as the developments at the EU level.

My main areas of interest include:

  • Environmental and climate change law and policy
  • Aviation and maritime transport sectors
  • Law-making processes at international and EU levels
  • Environmental taxation, carbon pricing and related fiscal measures
  • Fragmentation of international law and regime interaction
  • Environmental and climate-related regulation of the Arctic
  • Ocean Governance
  • Corporate Environmental Responsibility





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