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Bjarki Valtýsson
Bjarki Valtýsson


Bjarki Valtysson is Associate Professor at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies at the University of Copenhagen and has a background in literature, cultural studies, and digital communication. Research interests include cultural, media, and communication policies and regulation, particularly in terms of the politics of digital media and networked cultures. He also researches the application and reception of digital media within the area of museums, archives, libraries, and social media as well as how these relate to production, distribution, use, and consumption in digital cultures. His research interests also include digital media and democracy, with a focus on digital public spheres, networked publics, and counterpublics. Valtysson has published a book on Icelandic cultural policy and recently co-edited the anthologies The media and the mundane: Communication across media in everyday life (NORDICOM),  Technologies of labour and the politics of contradicion (Palgrave) and Cultures of partipation: Arts, digital media & cultural institutions (Routledge). His latest book is Digital Cultural Politics: From Policy to Practice (Palgrave Macmillan).

Valtysson sits in the scientific committee for the International Conference of Cultural Policy Research and the Swedish Agency for Cultural Policy Research. He is a member of the editorial boards for the International Journal of Cultural Policy, the Nordic Journal of Cultural Policy and NORDICOM Review. Valtysson sits in the steering committe for Center for Modern European Studies. Valtysson is the PI for the research network Algorithmic Software Culture - Capturing, Theorizing and Regulating Social Media, and a member of the research project Don't Take it Personal: Privacy and information in an algorithmic age. Valtysson is the leader of the research group Digital Culture at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies.

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