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Brian Lohse
Brian Lohse








Brian Lohse, Ph.D.

Associate Professor in Chemistry and Molecular biology.


Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Universitetsparken 2, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark.

Appointed Associate Professor by a unanimous evaluation board consisting of three prominent chemistry professors (Morten Meldal, Jesper Wengel and Peter Somfai).

Diplomas & Certificates :

2012 English proficiency certification 2010 Project Management Diploma, at Implement Consulting Group P/S. Consisting of 3 modules (A, B, C), 11th of November; Higher Education Teaching Certificate, 1 year education, with assessment of Project Management, Teaching and Lecturing (Phase 2) 7th of March 2009 Higher Education Teaching Certificate, 1 year education, with assessment of Project Management, Teaching and Lecturing (Phase 1) and International Education in Drug Discovery and Development, at TI-Pharma and School of Medicinal Chemistry Leiden, Holland 12th of March. 2007 Awarded a Ph.D.-Degree at DTU/Risø, 30th of April, in the Danish Polymer Centre, under supervision of Professor Søren Hvilsted at DTU and at Risø under supervision of Dr. Rolf H. Berg, and Research specialist P.S. Ramanujam. 2003 Awarded a Master degree of Science in Chemistry and Molecular Biology at Roskilde University Centre, under Professor Fritz Duus. The Master Thesis was done at Novo Nordisk A/S in the Department of Chemical Development under the supervision of Dr. Heinz-Josef Deußen. 2001 Awarded a Bachelor degree of Science in Chemistry and Molecular Biology at Roskilde University Centre.

Awards and funding :

2013 Region Hovedstaden, Gentofte Amtssygehus, Exploratory Pre-Seed Grant. (212.325 2012 invited member of the management committee in the EU-COST action: EPIGENETICS: Bench to Bedside 2011 Lead Discovery Unit, University of Copenhagen for Peptide and specific compound libraries for screening PRMT’s to obtain selective inhibitors. (140.000 2010 Competence Foundation, University of Copenhagen  (20.000 d. kr.) 2010 Danish Cancer Society for Inhibitors of Histone Lysine Demethylases  Co-receiver 1/3 (1.2 mill. d. kr.) University of Copenhagen, for Epigenetic Research Co-receiver 1/3 (800.000 d. kr.) 2008 Villum Kann Rasmussen Foundation Fellowship  (1.5 million 2006 First place winner in the Young Investigators' Competition at the Materials Research Symposium, awarded by University of California Santa Barbara, January, California. Torben og Alice Frimodts foundation fellowship(25.000 2005 Third place winner in the Young Investigators' Competition. Awarded by the American Peptide Society on the 19th American Peptide Symposium, June, San Diego, California. Institut for Kemiteknik, DTU, fellowship (35.000 Otto Mønsted Foundation fellowship (20.000 Augustinus Foundation fellowship (10.000


Work experience:

2012- Associate Professor in Chemistry and Molecular biology (Epigenetics) at Uni. of Copenhagen (full time) 2009-2012 Senior Postdoc/ Project Manager at Uni. of Copenhagen (full time). 2006-2009 Post doc. at Uni. of Copenhagen, BioNanotechnology (full time). 2005-2006 Visiting Researcher at Uni. of California SB (full time). 2003-2006 Ph.D.-study at DTU/ Risø (full time). 2002-2003 Chemist at Novo Nordisk A/S in chemical development 2002 Lecturer at Risø’s visitor centre (5 man-months). 2001 Military Service in the Civil Defense (full time). 2000 Equipment Manager in Gate Gourmet A/S (full time). 1995-1998 Co-Founder and co-owner of PC-Training A/S (full time).

Teaching Portfolio:

Brian has more than 1500 hours of teaching experience, covering all levels, Ph.D., Master and Bachelor. In addition I have been co-supervisor of 4 Master students and 4 Bachelor students. I’m currently co-supervisor for 2 Ph.D.-students, 1 Research Assistant and 2 Master Students that are all continuing my work on the Inhibitors of Histone modifying enzymes and 1 lab. Technician. I participate in the pedagogical debate at the University (see my main article in Plexus nr. 3, p. 8, May 2010). In depth investigation of the education on laboratory courses at Pharma (see my chapter in the book ”Improving University Science Teaching and Learning” 2009, s. 63-73; ISSN: 1904-2019) and participation in the launch of a new education the “Master in Medicinal Chemistry”. Awarded the teaching certificate for higher education at Universities, in order to give the students better educational guidance and feedback, this education takes one year (2009/ 2010). Furthermore I have passed all modules in Project Management, to better be able to steer my scientific projects and become more result oriented. Danish Cancer Society, grant (see Plexus nr. 4, p. 18, Sep. 2010) and Pharma News 27th of May 2010).



Ph.D. i kemi, Kandidatgrad i Kemi & Molekylærbiologi

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