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Camilla Foged

Camilla Foged


Primære forskningsområder

I (CF) am heading the Vaccine Design and Delivery Group in the Section for Biologics, Department of Pharmacy, which comprises approx. 10 researchers. Our research interest is advanced drug delivery aiming at designing new vaccine and nucleic acid delivery systems to improve therapy. The group is addressing drug delivery challenges using state-of-the-art technologies, and this has fostered innovative solutions and high impact publications in drug delivery. Our research goal is to improve disease prevention and treatment in the fields of infectious and inflammatory diseases. We do this by imaging-guided design of nanoparticulate vaccine and nucleic acid formulations through an in depth knowledge of how the physicochemical properties of the particles affect their interaction with the environment, e.g. in formulation, in vitro and in vivo. CF is widely recognized nationally and internationally in the field of drug delivery and has a well-established and extensive network of national and international collaborators in academia and industry. International collaboration partners include Aston University, MIT, Yale University, Université Catholique de Louvain, University of Gröningen, Universitätsklinikum Erlangen, Ludwig-Maximilans Universität München, University of Paris-Sud, Utrecht University, GSK and Sanofi. CF has a track recording in conducting and leading interdisciplinary research in collaboration with large international consortia. Her research has been funded with more than 4.4 M€ by the Danish Research Councils, Universities, private companies, private foundations and EU.

Aktuel forskning

Igangværende forskningsprojekter inkluderer flg:

1. Vaccineformulering - nanopartikulære systemer:

  • Centre for nano-vaccines (, støttet af Det Strategiske Forskningsråd
  • GeniVac (samarbejde med Statens Serum Institut og KU-LIFE, støttet af Højteknologifonden)
  • Targeted delivery of particulate subunit vaccines to cross-presenting dendritic cells in the lymph nodes via rational formulation design: On the request for optimal priming of CD8+ CTL responses


 2. Farmaceutiske aspekter ved nukleinsyre delivery:

  • Collaboration on the optimization of macromolecular pharmaceutical access to cellular targets COMPACT)”, støttet af EU, The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI),
  • Design and investigation of nanoparticles for targeted delivery of small interfering RNA (siRNA)
  • Spray-dried polymeric micro/nanoparticles for pulmonary delivery of siRNA



Tidligere PhD studerende:


Birte Martin-Bertelsen, Structural Characterization of Lipid-based Adjuvants for Subunit Vaccines: Structure Activity Relationship for Analogues of the Mycobacterial Cell-Wall Lipid Monomycoloyl Glycerol

Signe Tandrup Schmidt, Targeted delivery of cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-inducing vaccines to cross-presenting dendritic cells. Design and characterization of lipid-based adjuvants

Gry Persson, Outer membrane vesicles and their potential as vaccine against Gallibacterium anatis

Rie Selchau Kallerup, Structure Activity Relationship (SAR) of Immunostimulating Compounds: Analogues of the Synthetic Immunostimulator Trehalose 6,6'-dibehenate (TDB)

Jorrit Jeroen Water, Nanoparticle-based approaches for delivery of antimicrobial peptides

Feng Wan, Design of Injectable PLGA Microparticles by the Spray Drying Process. Role of solvent properties and nozzle design

Stefano Colombo, Investigations of Nanocarrier-Mediated Cellular siRNA Delivery Processes Using Advanced Analytical Approaches

Pall Thor Ingvarsson, Formulating the DDA/TDB Liposomal Adjuvant into Nanocomposite Solid Microparticles for Pulmonary Vaccination: Dry Powder Stabilization and in vitro Interactions with Pulmonary Epithelial Cells

Mette Hamborg, Physical Stability of Subunit Vaccines:Interactions between Liposomal Adjuvants and Protein Antigens

Xiaona Jing, Peptide-assisted (Particulate) Drug Delivery Systems for Delivery of Biomacromolecules

Nina Østergaard Knudsen, Advanced targeting of liposomes to the skin

Linda Boye Jensen, Design and investigation of nanoparticles for targeted delivery of small interfering RNA (siRNA)

Pernille Nordly, Modulation of the adjuvant activity of DDA/TDB liposomes with immunostimulating ligands targeting dendritic cell receptors

Dennis Christensen, Optimization and characterization of adjuvant formulations based on cationic liposomes and immunomodulating compounds


Tidligere specialestuderende:

Malene Aaby Neustrup, 2017, Formulation and Characterisation of Nanoemulsion-Based Adjuvants Mediating Vaccine-Induced CD8+ T-Cell Responses

Sabrine Fuglsbjerg Ramdal Lægteskov, 2017, Delivery of a combination of siRNA and peptide for the treatment of rheumatoid arrhritis - Formulaion optimization 

Sarah Tejlmann, 2016, Formulation and characterization of stabilized nucleic acid lipid particles for delivery of siRNA: Comparison with lipoplexes and lipid-polymer hybrid nanoparticles

Pernille Rønde Jensen, 2016, Degradation profiles of the Recombinant Chlamydia trachomatis Major Outer Membrane Protein-based Antigen CTH522: Comparison of three GMP-produced batches

Camilla Line Olsen, 2016, Formulation, Charaterization and In Vivo Test of CAF Adjuvants             

Michaela Czort, 2016, Solid Lipid Particles for Oral Delivery of Vaccines. Particle preparation, characterization and quantification and protein characterization

Elisabeth Bergholt, 2016, CL-HA hydrogels incorporated with PLGA nanoparticles for controlled release in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

Carla Roches, 2014, Biophysical characterization of liposomal adjuvants based on dimethyldioctadecylammonium (DDA) bromide and monomycoloyl glycerol (MMG): Differential scanning calorimetry (DCS), small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) and cryo transmission electron microscopy (cryo-TEM) studies.

Jia Shi, 2014, Effect of the trehalose-6, 6’dibehenate (TDB) analogue modification on the physicochemical properties of a cationic adjuvant system

Przemyslaw Jedrzej Irlik, 2013, Mucosal vaccination: Interactions between mucosal epithelium and mucosal vaccines. Mechanistic studies

Camilla Hasling Frandsen, 2013, Vancomycin-Loaded Multi-and Unilamellar Cationic Liposomes: Treatment of Staphylococcus Aureus

Kasper Karlsen, 2013, Identification and characterization of novel cationic adjuvant formulations: Toll-like receptor ligands incorporated into liposomes for use against intracellular infections

Elizaveta Kamynina, 2013, Oromucosal drug delivery using liposomes for alleviation of xerostomia

Angelos Moschidis and Xing Hanyue, 2013, Methotrexate-loaded deformable liposomes for dermal delivery

Cecilie Maria Madsen, 2012, The effect of the acyl chain length of trehalose-6,6’-dibehenate on the physicochemical and immunopotentiating properties of DDA/TDX liposomes

Katrine Vidensen Bjørklund, 2012,  Interactions between liposomal adjuvants and protein antigens: Effect of liposome surface charge, protein physicochemical properties and heating

Signe Schmidt Tandrup, 2012, Formulation of CAF09 to enhance the CD8+ T-cell response after subcutaneous immunization

Helene Brøndum Pedersen, 2012, Liposome-based cationic adjuvants: Interactions with antigens. The effect of charge

Mona Mekki, 2012, siRNA delivery by non-viral carriers

Matias Rosenkvist, 2011, Spray Dried Powders for Pulmonary Delivery: A Comparative Study of Methods for Particle Size

Mehtap Tellioglu, 2011, Encapsulation of Ovalbumin into DDA/TDB Liposomes Prepared by the Double Emulsion Solvent Evaporation Method. Characterization of Interactions at the Interface

Ida Svahn Rasmussen, 2011, Effect of liposomal charge on mucosal vaccine delivery: An in vitro study

Cathrine Roer, 2010, Controlled Surface Modifications of PLGA Nanoparticles Using Cell Penetrating Peptides for Efficient Delivery of siRNA

Veronika Gadzhyeva, 2010 Karakterisering af PAMAM-siRNA komplekser af generationer G1, G4 og G7 ved forskellige molære ratioer

Tanja Pedersen & Rukiye Karaman 2010 Karakterisering af DDA/TDB liposomer ved inkorporering af forskellige størrelser polynukleotider

Stine Rønholt & Ragnhild Djønne Salte, 2009, Skin penetration of PEGylated liposomes

Esra Alici Pedersen & Tayba Sajid Khilji, 2009, Characterization of incorporation of monomycolylglycerol in dimethyldioctadecylammoniumbromide liposomes

Anders Simonsen, 2009, Interaction between novel cell-penetrating peptides and anionic liposomes: Thermodynamic and structural assessment

Rasmus Bjerregaard-Andersen, 2009, Interaction of a new class of cell-penetrating peptides (CPP) with model lipid membranes

Ditte Marie Krogh Jensen, 2008, Spray-drying Preparation of Microparticles Containing siRNA-loaded PLGA Nanoparticles

Andreas Jensen, 2008, Neutral Conventional and Stealth Liposomes for i.v. Administration of siRNA

Ali Rehman, 2007, Spray drying of chitosan/siRNA nanoparticles with mannitol

Sibel Tokmak, 2007,  HL10 Liposomes as Drug Delivery System for siRNA-Chol

Henriette Baun Madsen, 2006, Preparation and Characterization of the PROVAXTM adjuvant

Elisabeth Giger, 2006, Long-circulating liposomes for secretory phospholipase A2 triggered release of siRNA in inflamed tissue – in vitro studies of TNF-α silencing in the murine macrophage cell culture J774A.1

Peter Merrild, 2004, Interaction between antimicrobial peptides and biological membranes

Bettina Bruun, 2001, Polymeric delivery of camptothecin analogs and rabbit carboxylesterase

Jeannet Kall, 2001, N-(2-hydroxypropyl)methacrylamide (HPMA) copolymers for targeted delivery of polyamine analogs


ERASMUS Students

Emma Putteman, 2016, Assessment of stability and release kinetics of siRNA loaded into lipid-polymer hybrid nanoparticles

Danielle Dennehy, 2015, PLGA nanoparticles ofr siRNA delivery in vitro

Elize Van Driessche, 2015, Preparation and optimization of lipid-PLGA nanoparticles for siRNA delivery

Monica Agnoletti, 2015, Design of siRNA-loaded dendriplexes in microparticles prepared by microfluidics and spray drying

Tamanna Lashkari, 2014, Dry powder stabilization of freeze-dried CAF01 liposomes by trehalose and/or inulin

Silke Roovers, 2014, Biophysical characterization and understanding of the aggregation mechanism of model antigen ovalbumin and vaccine candidate NN-GBS

Olivier de Troyer, 2013 Biophysical characterization of the mycobacterial cell wall lipid monomycoloyl glycerol

Erik Oude Blenke, 2012 Cell Penetrating Peptidomimetic-Functionalized Lipid Systems for siRNA Delivery

Michelle Viaene, February 2012 – May 2012 Effect of liposomal charge on pulmonary vaccine delivery

Ivo Verlinden, 2011 Formulation and in vivo effectiveness of the CAF05 adjuvant in a ferret influenza challenge model

Joscha Griger, 2009 Toxicogenomic effects of polymeric siRNA delivery in vitro

Hayley Rose March, March 1 – May 31, 2007  Assessment of the Structure of the M. Tuberculosis antigen Ag85b-ESAT-6 and the changes in secondary structure on interaction with DDA/TDB Liposomes





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