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Chenchen Zhang
Chenchen Zhang

    Medlem af:

    • Politisk Teori

    Chenchen Zhang's areas of research are located at the intersection between critical citizenship studies, political geography, and continental political thought. More specifically, she is interested in the spatial dimensions of political membership such as territory, borders and mobility. Her doctoral dissertation, defended in February 2014, looked at the ways in which the interrelations between territory, mobility and citizenship have been transformed in the context of European integration. Her current DFF-funded project is focused on the rescaling of social citizenship resulted from processes of border reformation in the EU and China. She also works on human rights and humanitarian government in relation to the politics of border and migration. 

    Primære forskningsområder

    citizenship studies; political theory; international political theory; mobility; conceptions of borders and territory; human rights

    Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

    Postgraduate courses/seminars

    • Spring 2015 The Politics of Citenzenship in a Transnational Age: Theories and Key Issues (ASTK12293U)
    • Spring 2015 Wronging rights or righting Wrongs? Human rights and its discontents (ASTK12294U)
    • Autumn 2015 The Politics of Citenzenship in a Transnational Age: Theories and Key Issues (ASTK15344U)


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