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Christian Andreasen
Christian Andreasen


Head of research group. Research covers crop science, seed science and technology, and weed and seed biology and ecology and management. I have studied flora diversity and weed flora changes in Denmark during the last 60 years, statistical methods to analyse the flora data, use of image analysis to estimate weed densities in cereal fields, use of kriging and co-kriging to map weeds in the field. I have also studied characteristics of weeds and crops of importance for competition ability e.g. sensitivity to harrowing of various varieties, compensatory growth of weeds after weed control, herbicide resistance and fitness of different ecotypes of weeds.

I have worked on new means to control weeds such as ultra-violet irradiation, laser technology and biological control of weeds with fungi, and on more traditional weed control methods such as mechanical and thermal weed control as well as herbicides use and the economic valuation of the effect of pesticide use on nature and the environment.

ID: 4233097