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David Winfield Norman
David Winfield Norman

Ph.d. stipendiat

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    I am a PhD candidate specializing in the history of modern and contemporary art in Greenland, the circumpolar north and Indigenous North America. My PhD research examines the rise of experimental art practices and the founding of new institutions for art that coincided with Greenland achieving self-governance. My dissertation addresses land-based politics, cultural memory, screen culture, social practice, and procedures such as melting, olfaction and feedback in the work of artists whose careers began in the wake of the the Home Rule Act of 1979.

    Other interests include the cybernetics of earth systems, electromagnetism and the arts, the history and theory of analog video technology, the legacy of land art in light of settler colonialism's ongoing dispossession, anticolonial media art practice, media atmospheres in live art.

    ID: 184371415