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Erik Høg
Erik Høg

Lektor emeritus

Erik Høg

Emeritus, associate professor

Phone: +45 6170 6129

Email: ehoeg @

Research field and projects

Astrometry: Extracted from the website Erik :

A life serving Astrometry and mapping of the Universe

This is an overview of my scientific work from 1950-2021.

My research was focused on development and work with meridian circles from 1953 to 1975. From 1975 I worked on satellite astrometry and photometry, that is to design new, more powerful instruments for astrometry and photometry from space and to take part in the development and exploitation of the astrometric satellites Hipparcos and Gaia. After retiring in 2002, I have taken increasing interest in the history of these subjects and in giving public presentations on astronomy. In 2013 I proposed a Gaia successor satellite to be launched in about 2035 and studies are proceeding well.

Selected Publications

  • Perryman, M. A. C.; Lindegren, L.; Kovalevsky, J., Høg, E. and 16 more 1997, The Hipparcos Catalogue. A&A...323L..49P 1997/07, cited: 2344
  • Høg, E. et al. 2000, The Tycho-2 catalogue of the 2.5 million brightest stars.
       cited: 2182 
  • Høg, E. 2017, GIER: A Danish computer from 1961 with a role in the modern revolution of astronomy. Nuncius Hamburgensis, Volume 20,
  • Høg, E. 2019, Instrument  Development Prize from the Astronomische Gesellschaft. The prize for 2019 was awarded to Lennart Lindegren, Michael Perryman and Erik Høg at the annual meeting of the AG in Stuttgart:  Prize 
  • Høg, E., Hobbs, D. 2019, Gaia Successor with International Participation. Proceedings of the symposium Journées 2019, Astrometry, Earth Rotation, and Reference Systems in the GAIA era, in Paris on Oct. 7-9, p. 49-53, edited 8 by C. Bizouard. At ParisHoeg2019

 General Publications


Cand. mag. & mag. scient. 1956, dr. scient. 1978


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