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Esben Østrup
Esben Østrup


Academic interests: Mesenchymal Stem Cell Biology, Regenerative medicine, Tissue engineering, Bone, Cartilage.

Scientific focus: The current research areas are regenerative therapy of cartilage and bone disorders and stem cell based animal models.

Teaching/supervision: Veterinary anatomy, cell biology and biochemistry.

Academic degrees:

2006: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM/ University of Copenhagen  

2009: PhD in Veterinary Embryology, University of Copenhagen


Academic employment: 

2006: PhD stipendiate, Veterinary Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Copenhagen, 2006-2009

2009: PostDoc, Veterinary Anatomy and Biochemistry, University of Copenhagen, 2009-2010

2010: Veterinary Practitioner, Ølby Small Animal Hospital, 2010-2011

2011: PostDoc, Norwegian Center for Stem Cell Research, University of Oslo, 2011-2015 

2015: Associate Professor, Section for Veterinary Anatomy and Biochemistry, University of Copenhagen, 2015-


ID: 131851849