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Haakon Andreas Ikonomou
Haakon Andreas Ikonomou


My academic interests are international organizations, global disarmament governance, international bureaucracy and diplomacy, European integration, Scandinavian internationalism, digital history, oral history and biography.

This semester (Spring 2021), I'll be teaching the MA-course "The League of Nations: international organization, international politics and internationalism, 1850s-1950s".

Current work:

(1) The DFF-funded collective project "Laying the Foundations: The League of Nations & International Law". My research here concerns (a) the Scandinavian countries and the establishment of the Permanent Court of International Justice and (b) global disarmament governance in the interwar period.

(2) Heading the digital history project Visualizing the League of Nations Secretariat - A Digital Research Tool, where we will develop a digital visualization of the Secretariat's organizational evolution over time. This is a sub-project of "Laying the Foundations: The League of Nations & International Law".

(3) PI of the NOS-HS project "Scandinavian Internationalist Diplomacy, 1920s-1960s".
The program for the first workshop can be found here.

(4) The edited volume Global Biographies together with Gunvor Simonsen (KU) and Laura Almagor (University of Sheffield).

(5) The special issue Nordic Nineties together with Ada Nissen (University of Oslo), Andreas Hellenes (Aarhus University) and Carl Marklund (Södertörn University).

(6) The monograph The International Bureaucrat in the Twentieth Century - A Transnational Biography of Thanassis Aghnides (Palgrave, contracted for 2021).

I am Review and Online Media Editor of Diplomatica: A journal of diplomacy and society (Brill) and Centre Coordinator of the Centre of Modern European Studies (CEMES), Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen.

ID: 97568572