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Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

Organrelateret Farmakologi I (Kursusansvarlig)

Organrelateret Farmakologi II (Kursusansvarlig)

Systemfarmakologi: Signalvejenes farmakologi (Kursusansvarlig)

Almen Farmakologi

Basal Farmakologi

Pharmacology: From Physiology to Therapy

Primære forskningsområder

Research areas:            

CNS control of stress and sleep, including their interaction with depression. Peptide (CRH, Orexin, Urotensin) regulation of arousal. Neuronal pathways and signal processing mediating effects of stressors, sleep, and circadian rhythms on HPA-axis activity. PVH, Amygdala and Hippocampus neurophysiology. Central registration and processing of noxious stimuli. Learning and memory. Modulation of sensory transmission across behavioral/arousal states.


Technical Research Specializations:

Single-neuron recording and optical imaging in unrestrained animals during sleep and wakefulness. Intracellular recording in diencephalon of behaviorally conditioned rats and cats. Micro-iontophoresis in combination with single-unit recording across behavioral state in electrophysiologically identified tract cells of brain stem nuclei and the spinal cord. Anti- and orthodromic excitability testing procedures. Whole cell patch clamp recording and calcium imaging in Vitro. Plasma hormone analysis and cytology. Ethological methodology. Behavioral and physiological monitoring in rats, cats, mink and foxes. Surgical and microsurgical techniques. Immunocytochemistry, histology and anatomical tract tracing.

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