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Johanne Smith-Nielsen
Johanne Smith-Nielsen


Aktuel forskning

I am currently project manager in Copenhagen Infant Mental Health Project which is a collaboration between the UCPH-BabyLab and the health nurses in the City of Copenhagen. The aim of the project is 1) to implement and evaluate effects of screening instruments for early detection of at-risk families as part of the universal health nurse home visiting program which is offered to all new Danish families, and 2) to investigate the effect of an early indicated preventive intervention (the attachment-based program Circle of Security-Parenting)by comparing it with care as usual in the City of Copenhagen in a randomized controlled trial.

Primære forskningsområder

Early intervention, Postpartum Depression, Developmental psychopathology, Infant Mental Health, Parent-Infant interaction, Attachment, Clinical psychology

Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

Clinical psychology

Seminar courses at the clinical module of the Master's program at the Department of Psychology within Perintal and Infant Mental Health.

Master's thesis supervision: Clinical Psychology






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