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Julien Duxin
Julien Duxin

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  • Duxin Group

    Blegdamsvej 3, 2200 København N, Bygning 6, Bygning: 06-3-32

    Telefon: +45 35 32 07 31Mobil: +45 93 56 55 71

Julien Duxin’s research focuses in understanding basic mechanisms of genome maintenance using Xenopus egg extracts as a model system. Particularly, he studies how DNA lesions induced by chemotherapeutic agents are repaired. This has led to the first system that recapitulates DNA-protein crosslink (DPCs) repair in vitro (Duxin et al. Cell, 2014). This initial discovery opened an entire new area of investigation, highly relevant to human health as DPC-inducers are commonly used in the clinic to treat cancer. Julien’s lab is now investigating how DPC-repair is intrinsically linked to DNA replication and interrogating which are the main players orchestrating the repair reaction (Larsen et al. Molecular Cell, 2018). His ultimate goal is to unravel new molecular mechanisms of DNA repair and identify novel chemotherapeutic targets that could be used in the clinic to sensitize patients to commonly used anti-cancer drugs.

ID: 164085189