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Ken Steen Pedersen
Ken Steen Pedersen


Assistant Professor in Pig Diseases

DVM, PhD, Diplomate ECPHM, Certificate in Swine Herd Health Management

Main areas of interest
Gastro-intestinal diseases in pigs

Swine diseases and swine herd health
Diagnosis of swine diseases
Herd level diagnosis
Targeted sampling protocols for enhanced detection of infectious diseases
Diagnostic test evaluation

Gastro-intestinal diseases in weaned and growing pigs
Oral fluid diagnostics in pigs

Academic degrees

2003: DVM, The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark
2009: Certificate in Swine Herd Health Management, Danish Veterinary Association

2011: Diplomate and Veterinary Specialist in Porcine Health Management,

European Board of Veterinary Specialization
2011: Granted the Danish veterinary specialist title (specialdyrlæge)

in Porcine Health Management, The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration

2012: PhD, University of Copenhagen

Academic employment
2003-2005: Swine practitioner, Ø-VET v/Søren Thielsen, Specialized Swine Practice
2006-2010: Swine practitioner, Co-Founder and shareholder of Ø-VET Næstved A/S,
Specialized Swine Practice
2008-2011: Resident at European College of Porcine Health Management,
Department of Large Animall Sciences, University of Copenhagen
2008-2011: PhD student, Department of Large Animal Sciences, University of Copenhagen
2012-: Assistant Professor in Pig Diseases, Department of Large Animal Sciences,

University of Copenhagen

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