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Lars Bjørndal
Lars Bjørndal


Curriculum vitae


2019                   Research Leader course, Copenhagen University, DK

2012                   Visiting Researcher (Loma Linda University, Endodontic program, Special clinic) California, USA

2011                Dr. Odont. Copenhagen University, DK

2007-2011       Mentored at Copenhagen Trial Unit, Rigshospitalet, DK

2001                Certified international membership of European Society of Endodontology (ESE)

1999-2001        Endodontic specialist education, Malmö and Gothenburg, Sweden

1993                 Authorization as dentist 1993

1992                 Ph.D. Degree, Department of Odontology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

1988                 Graduated cand. odont., Department of Odontology, University of Copenhagen, DK



Current workplace:

2020-                 Associate Prof. and Head of Endodontics at the Section for Clinical Oral Microbiology, Cariology
and Endodontics, Department of Odontology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2002-                 Part time private practice devoted for endodontic referrals (Puggaardsgade, Copenhagen)

1999-                 Associate Prof. at Department of Odontology, University of Copenhagen


Previous workplaces:

2012-2015        Head of specialized clinic (endodontic part), Department of Odontology.

1998-1999        Chief department dentist at Cariology and Endodontics

1993-1998        Assistant Prof. at Department of Odontology, Denmark

1993-2002        Part-time employed dentist in private practice (Tandklinikken Svanen, Lyngby)

1992-1993        Full time employed as general dental practitioner (Copenhagen clinics)

1988-1991        Ph.D. Student


Research profile  

(i) How can general dental practitioners make the best Endodontic prevention (avoidance of pulp exposure, pain and infection) and treatment (root fillings) for the benefit of best oral health; (ii) caries pathology and treatment with focus on the deep caries lesion and the dental pulp; and (iii) practice-based research and clinical trials.



I presented the honorable Buonocore memorial lecture (2002) and received the reward by the Academy of Operative dentistry, Chicago, USA. In 2015, I received the Danish Zendium award research prize in 2015, selected by representatives from the two Danish Dental Schools in Denmark, and (in cognito due to COVID-19) the Journal
 of Endodontics Publication
Award in 2020.


External funding:

My funding has reached ~2.75 mill. DDK from National Research Institutes and others.

 Leadership experience:

I have been the principal trial-coordinator for several participating Universities and Dental clinics for the successful completion of international randomized clinical multi-center trials and practice-based research networks (refer to the selected CV references; 10, 23). This high-ranked research has led to a successful implementation of national-funded treatment offer on avoiding root fillings (Stepwise excavation) and is currently a part of the economic agreement between the Danish National Health Insurance and the Danish Dental association. In addition, I have been one of the lead authors for implementing such treatment guidelines internationally (2, 3, 7, 18), and I have been contributing an international consensus group on caries nomenclature and treatment guidelines (12, 13) again for worldwide adoption on less invasive dental pulp treatments. I´m a board member of PRIRATE (Preferred Reporting Items for Randomized Trials in Endodontics) (http://pride-endodontic­, 1), promoting best quality in Endodontic clinical trials. Finally, I´m part of a Scandinavian Research group recently investigating the fate on root canal treatments using a large database (8, 9, 14). I share an ongoing randomized clinical multicenter trial enrolling centers for examining less invasive treatments on deep caries ( Identifier: NCT03696498). I´m currently participating in a Systematic Cochrane Review collaboration covering carious infected tissue removal.In collaboration with the private practice environment, I have software developed and documented a new clinical approach (Guided Endodontics) combining 3D radiography (Cone Beam Computerized Tomography) with surface scanning of teeth, making treatment of extremely narrow root canals possible (4,5).

Taken together, I have been a part of several research projects that has finished as active treatment concepts in both the national and international dental practice-based community.

Supervised Ph.D. and Scholar projects:

Main supervisor for the Ph.D.-thesis (Biomechanical root canal preparation: morphological and microbiological challenges, completed 2011), co-supervisor for Swedish Doctorant, (Dentine caries: acid-tolerant microorganisms and aspects on collagen degradation, Malmö University, completed 2014), Department of Cariology Faculty of Odontology, Malmö, Sweden. Scholar-stipendium project covering sealing aspects of temporary restorations in Endodontics (completed 2004). Ongoing supervisor on Brazilian Ph.D.  (Clinical assessment of the activity of carious dentine in primary molars and its impact on tooth/restoration survival), Universidade de Brasilia, Brazil, and one on the topic: Pulpal inflammation and Caries. Supervised numerous dental student master projects. 


Project in focus:

Currently, a Ph.D. application is available covering the area of BIG DATA and odontology, with special focus on the handling of dental x-ray within cariology and endodontology, being in close collaboration with DICO, KU.


National and international communication (lecturing/teaching/evaluator profile):  

I have been presenting numerous national post-graduate dentists hands-on courses and lectures covering endodontic treatments, and giving invited lectures in Europe, Russia, Asia, North and South America and India, covering this research field. 2014-2019 President of the Danish Endodontic Society

2016- Organizing President 20th biennial Scandinavian Endodontic Society in Copenhagen, DK. 2007- Organizing President of the 15th biennial Scandinavian Endodontic Society, Helsingør, Dk.

2004-2008 President of the Danish Endodontic Society. 1990-2001 Secretary in the Scandinavian Endodontic Society


Reviewer and evaluator:

I have been int. referee for 16 journals, and opponent for a PhD in Gothenburg 2004, opponent and committee member of two Doctoral theses in Malmö, Sweden (2008), and one at University of Tromsø (2016).  I have been the external examiner for the final oral Endodontist Specialty program in ACTA, Amsterdam Holland, 2014, and external evaluator of the Bachelor of Dental Surgery Program from International Medical University (IMU) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2013. In 2019, I reviewed a senior Doctoral report from a Doctoral Degree Committee in Cardiff, Wales.



Beside a Ph.D.-thesis (1992) and a Doctoral thesis (2011), I have over 150 contributions with a Scopus HIS score of 23 and a Google Scholar HIS score of 31 (3850 citations). Divided in various sources: 64 peer reviewed publications in international journals, 27 in Nordic Dentistry journals, more than 15 book chapters and primary editor of the 3rd edition of the international Textbook of Endodontology (Wiley-Blackwell, 2018), as well as various editorials, journal comments, conference, abstracts and website publications.



Tandlæge, Phd., Dr.Odont.

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