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Leor Uestebay

Leor Uestebay


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Title: Stateless democracy within State?: The emergence of the Peoples` Democratic Party (Halklarin Demokratik Partisi, HDP) and the shifting modes of democratic representation in Turkey

This dissertation attempts to shed light on a contentious issue in the contemporary Turkish politics: Why and how does a state-centric agent, the Peoples` Democratic Party (Halklarin Demokratik Partisi, HDP) in Turkey, construe and propose stateless democracy in the time of political turmoil; and how does the HDP`s formulations of representation and “direct democracy” navigate across the Turkish political landscape? Looking at the shifting urban as the locus of social change and diversity; the boundaries of politics-making and alterity in the Turkish public sphere; the variegated modes of representation in the HDP; and finally the HDP’s “capacity to aspire” new imaginaries of future, I intend to generate several answers that resonate with the recent transitions in the national, regional and global politics. In reference to the multiplicity of the constituencies within the HDP, I also aim to explore the junctions and disjunctions of the politics of pluralism and belonging. Methodologically, I use my empirical data collected during my fieldwork in Turkey and Europe January-July 2017 based on multiple short stays, due to the fact that Turkey has been ruled under the state of emergency since July 20th, 2016. Overall, this thesis potentially contributes to the recent debates about the contemporary practices of democratic representation within and beyond the state, and provides ethnographic analyses of pluralist politics and collective subjectivities.   

This PhD project (2015-2018) is funded by the Department of the Anthropology as well as the Danish Institute in Damascus. 

Key words: HDP, public sphere, representation, urban, future making

Supervisor: Associate Prof. Heiko Henkel



Turkey, Europe, Middle East

Research groups:

- Conflict, Power and Politics

- Global Development


- Introduction to the Anthropology of Islam and the Middle East, Spring 2016 & Autumn 2016

ID: 144763816