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Leor Uestebay

Leor Uestebay


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Title: Kaleidoscopic transition of dissensus: Identity, radical democracy and citizenship in the Turkey's HDP (Peoples' Democratic Party / Halklarin Demokratik Partisi)

I aim at exploring how the different constituencies of the pro-Kurdish HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party / Halkların Demokratik Partisi) conciliate their diverse demands in the light of radical democracy, and how the HDP politics transforms the norms of democracy and citizenship in Turkey under the rising nationalist-Islamist authoritarianism. Referring to the main actors of the HDP, i.e. the Kurdish political movement, socialist groups, feminist-LGBTQ organizations and the ethnic-religious minorities, I argue that the HDP movement has emerged as a "kaleidoscopic spatiality" that provides multiple entry points for diverse dissents and prefigures an intersectional activism crosscutting gender, ethnicity, class and religion. This broad and pluralist coalition transcends the HDP's ideological and organizational boundaries, and it has become sine quo non of the changing resistance culture in Turkey crystallized in the forms of the Peoples' Democratic Congress (Halkların Demokratik Kongresi - HDK), the "NO" Assemblies (HAYIR Meclisleri) and the Unity for Democracy (Demokrasi İçin Birlik - DİB). 

This PhD project (2015-2018) is based on a 10-months fieldwork in Turkey, and it is funded by the Department of the Anthropology as well as the Danish Institute in Damascus. 

Key words: HDP, radical democracy, identity, intersectionality, Turkey

Supervisor: Associate Prof. Heiko Henkel



Turkey, Europe, Middle East

Research groups:

- Conflict, Power and Politics

- Global Development


- Introduction to the Anthropology of Islam and the Middle East, Spring 2016 & Autumn 2016

ID: 144763816