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Lina Maria Goncalves Cavaco
Lina Maria Goncalves Cavaco



My name is Lina Maria Goncalves Cavaco and I am Portuguese and live in Denmark since 2005. I graduated in Veterinary Medicine by the Veterinary Faculty of the Technical University of Lisbon in July 2000, MSc in Veterinary Public Health. Previously (2000-2005) I worked in Veterinary Diagnostic Bacteriology at the Veterinary Faculty of the Technical University of Lisbon. Participation in research projects on bovine and canine leptospirosis, bite wound infections and bovine mastitis.

I have performed a PhD study on mechanisms and resistance in E. coli from at the Copenhagen University in 2005-2008. From October 2008 to May 2017 I worked at the Technical University of Denmark as Project Researcher and Senior Researcher, performing research and consulting tasks in the area of antimicrobial resistance. During this time, I was also providing teaching to DTU student by being responsible for the General Medical Microbiology course at DTU and guest teaching on other courses as well as development and teaching training courses for the EU reference laboratory and WHO-CC for Antimicrobial resistance. As part of this work I have gained experience both in teaching in class, on practial courses in the laboratory and on-site and have coordinated and done most of the development on two MOOC courses that are available online, one on the basic theory and methods on antimicrobial resistance and another on use of Whole genome sequencing for surveillance of bacterial pathogens. 

At present I am employed at Copenhagen University but working at Statens Serum Institute in the early stage research on antimicrobial development, for combating multiresistant bacteria. This work includes characterization of microorganisms using WGS and phenotypics screeenings and includes testing of novel substances including in vitro microbiological tests, early stage screenings and in vivo studies.

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