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Mara Baldry
Mara Baldry

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I am an Early Stage Researcher in the TRAIN-ASAP Marie Curie Initial Training Network ( funded under the 7th Framework of the European commission. This training network is aimed at developing novel antibacterial solutions for humans and animals alike.

Antibiotic resistance has evolved against almost all antibiotics administered within the clinical and veterinary setting, resulting in an array of challenges that are now driving research in the development of antimicrobials with novel modes of action. One such approach is the targeting of functions essential for infection such as bacterial virulence factors required to establish host damage and disease. This novel approach is termed antivirulence therapy and targets bacterial virulence. Using Staphylococcus aureus as a model organism, my project is aimed at screening new compounds for antivirulence activity and further characterizing compounds with already established antivirulence activity both in vitro and in vivo in animal models of infection.  The final clinical contribution of antivirulence is that of a combination therapy with antibiotics, where much lower doses of antibiotics will be necessary and the co-administration will have a stimulatory effect on the host’s immune system.

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