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Marie Rosenkrantz Lindegaard
Marie Rosenkrantz Lindegaard


I am an associate professor of Sociology at the University of Copenhagen and a senior researcher at the Netherlands Institute for Crime and Law Enforcement in Amsterdam (NSCR). My research focuses on situational aspects of crime, agency, street culture, bystanders, qualitative methods, use of camera footage for crime research, and urban ethnography in South Africa. I have published papers on these topics in leading peer-reviewed journals such as Criminology, Journal for Research in Crime and Delinquency, and PLOS ONE. I am a member of the department’s research group on Culture and Civil Society, and a research leader of the research cluster Criminal Events at the NSCR.


My current research focuses on the role of bystanders in violent situations. I am interested in understanding what bystanders do in violent situations and what determine the causes and consequences of their actions. I am a Principal Investigator of a DFF Research Project 2 grant funded by the Danish Research Council (title: Violence, Bystanders, and…Action! ) and an Aspasia grant funded by the Dutch Research Council. In those projects, we draw on Surveillance Camera footage of violent situations in Denmark, the Netherlands, UK and South Africa in order to study how violent situations unfold in real life. Our aim is develop a ‘First Aid Kit’ for bystanders in violent situations and a conflict recognition manual for practitioners working with prevention of violence.

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