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Mette Olaf Nielsen
Mette Olaf Nielsen


My educational background is an MSc and PhD degree in Agronomy where I have specialised in Animal Science with particular emphasis on production animal physiology and nutrition. I have for many years been involved in research on lactation physiology in ruminants, focussing on the factors which determine mammary gland production capacity during the course of lactation, ie. the role of mammary nutrient and blood supply, remodelling of the mammary synthetic capacity during the pregnancy-lactation cycle and the role of dry period management. In recent years, I have been involved in development of an experimental animal model based on sheep to study aspects of foetal nutrition on programming of endocrine and metabolic function in the life after birth and into adulthood, and the role played by the postnatal nutrition on the manifestation of this foetal programming. In this way my research has always been aimed at understanding the basic nutritional and physiological principles and putting this knowledge into use to optimise animal performance, also in a developing country context.

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