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Michael Kühl

Michael Kühl


I am a microbial ecologist with broad interdisciplinary interests ranging from technicalities of sensor development, over a fascination of single cell microbiology and behaviour, to studies of microenvironmental controls and microbial interactions in aquatic communities and ecosystems. I enjoy working at the boundaries and interfaces of different scientific disciplines and implement sensor chemistry, photonics, and advanced imaging in my research.

Microenvironmental ecology of surface-associated microbial communities and marine symbioses.
Microsensor and imaging techniques for biogeochemical analysis of microenvironments, mass transfer and metabolic rates.
Optical properties and photobiology of sediments, photosynthetic tissues and biofilms.
Microbial behaviour and activity in gradient systems.


Bachelor courses:
Field Biology
Advanced Bacteriology
Masters courses:
Arctic Biology
Marine Biology
Marine Microbiology and Virology (course coordinator)
Experimental Microbiology
Experimental Marine Biology
PhD courses:
Bi-annual Ph.D. course on Microsensor Analysis in Environmental Science
Annual Ph.D. course: Advanced Biofilm Course

Experimental techniques

Electrochemical and fiber-optic microsensors
Micro- and nano-particle based sensors
Ratiometric and life-time based imaging of O2, pH, temperature
Variable chlorophyll fluorescence imaging
Confocal microscopy and video microscopy
Microspectrometry and hyper-spectral imaging
Optical coherence tomography imaging

Current projects

Photobiology of surface-associated microbial communities and symbioses.
Microbiology and biogeochemistry of microbial mats in hot springs.
Marine symbiosis and coral bleaching (Great Barrier Reef, Australia).
Biophotonics of aquatic photosynthetic organisms.
Microenvironment and microbiology of Ikka columns (Greenland).
Microenvironmental analysis of biofilms, microbial mats and the rhizosphere of macrophytes.

Current funding

2014-2018 "Quantum efficiency and bio-optics of aquatic phototrophs"
(11.8 mDKK; Sapere Aude advanced grant, Danish Council for Independent Research)

2015 "An optical coherence tomography imaging system for studying the optical properties of tissues and biofilms" (350.000 DKK; Instrument grant, Carlsberg Foundation)

2016-2018 "Better peroxide sensors for studying bacterial infections and immune responses" (6.3 mDKK; Danish Council for Independent Research ⁄ Technology and Production Sciences)

Other activities

Fellow of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters
Scientific cruise leader on the Galathea 3 expedition 2006
(Leg. Accra,Ghana-Cape Town, South Africa)
Associate editor of Frontiers in Marine Science - Coral Reef Research
Associate editor of Environmental Microbiology
Member of the Faculty of 1000 /Biology/Environmental Microbiology

Institutional activities

Deputy head for research at the Department of Biology.
Chairman of the Department of Biology research committee.

Other affiliations

Adjunct professor, Plant Functional Biology and Climate Change Cluster, Universuty of Technology Sydney, Australia.

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