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Nicolai Vitt Meyling
Nicolai Vitt Meyling


My research interests cover different themes relating to the interactions between host organisms (animals and plants) and their pathogens (fungi) and parasites (worms): 

  • Interactions between insect pathogenic fungi (mainly Metarhizium or Beauveria) and plants focusing on how these interactions affect insect and mite herbivores and other plant antagonists. Studies have both fundamental and applied perspectives.
  • Interactions between host insects, insect pathogenic fungi, tapeworm parasites, abiotic stressors and the insect host immune system. This is studied in insect model system and/or using key pest species.
  • Use of insect pathogenic fungi for biological control of insect and mite pests. This includes how insect behaviour is modulated by pathogen and parasite infections and exposure.

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