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Nicole Doerr
Nicole Doerr


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    Aktuel forskning

    IPODI Research Project funded by the European Union (2016-2018)

    Refugee Protests, Local Civic Deliberation, and Policy addressing Gender and Migration

    Based on case studies in Germany and Denmark, this project aims at comparing public debate and civic deliberation on the issues of migration, gender and cultural diversity set in the context of immigration policy and the European refugee crisis. The project is based on a cooperation with Prof Sabine Hark (TU Berlin).


    Marie Curie Research Project funded by the European Union (completed)

    Translate Democracy: Exploring the Diffusion of Democratic Innovation in the U.S. and European Global Justice Movements

    This project investigates how increased linguistic and cultural diversity and demographic change both in the United States and in Europe may foster democratic innovation in the areas of social movements, local democracy and participation by migrants and minorities.

    Primære forskningsområder

    My main research interests are in the fields of democracy, cultural diversity, and political participation, social movements, migration, and gender/intersectionality. Previous democratic theorists have argued that linguistic differences may foster inequality and impede democratic processes. However, in my research I explore the collective practices of political translation, which help multilingual and culturally diverse social movements and local civic groups work together more democratically. Political translation provides not just a technique, but a model of how to realize democratic deliberation in settings of diversity.

    I am engaged in developing an interdisciplinary methodology combining discursive and visual theories of public space which I apply to the study of social media and contentious mobilization on the issues of migration, precarious labor, and right wing populism. I am member of the research groups on Knowledge, Organization and Politics, and Culture and Civil Society.

    ID: 164255687