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Niels Henrik Hartvigson
Niels Henrik Hartvigson

Ekstern lektor

Niels Henrik Hartvigson, Ph.D. has published in the field of genre, history, gender, sexuality and popular culture. His doctoral dissertation explored the central role of comedy in the transition from silent to sound film in Danish cinema, and a post-doc project dealt with sexuality in Danish fiction films made between 1930 and 1965. Niels Henrik Hartvigson is currently researching the genre and traditions of folkekomedie – folk comedies or folk fictions - within theater, film, television and electronic media. Another research project investigates the Enlightenment comedies of Ludvig Holberg with focus on homosexuality and queerness.
An external lecturer at University of Copenhagen, Niels Henrik Hartvigson is teacher of audio-visual aesthetics, film and media history, media sociology and cultural studies. He is currently teaching media analysis at the Danish Department and Danish film studies at the Saxo Institute.

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