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Peter Engesgaard
Peter Engesgaard


I received my MSc in Civil Eng. from DTU in 1985 with a specialization in environmental and hydrological engineering. Was granted a Valle Scholarship for 1-year MSc studies at Univ. Washington, USA and obtained my second MSc in Civil Eng. in 1986. In USA I specialized in hydraulically engineering combined with numerical modeling. Back in Denmark I completed my PhD at DTU on modelling nitrate contamination of groundwater; a study funded by the NPO programme. For this I was awarded the Gorm Petersen Mindelegat demonstrating excellence in research and a 4-year Post Doc (Seniorstipendiat) at DTU. During my Post Doc I also spend ¼ of the time at the former VKI (now DHI) working on environmental impact assessment of the newly constructed Gabcikovo dam in Slovakia. In 1996 I was appointed Associate Professor at DTU, here working mostly on groundwater and reactive transport modeling. In 2002 I moved to Univ. Copenhagen now changing research area to be more field-oriented combined with modeling. I was appointed professor in 2014. In recent years I have mainly focused on groundwater-surface water interactions (the interface between groundwater and lakes/streams/fjords) bringing in new technologies such as thermal imagery with the use of Distributed Temperature Sensing using fiber-optic cables and drones with FLIR cameras. My funding has recently been from EU (FP7, H2020, Marie Curie IOF/ITN), Innovation Fund Denmark and Villum Fonden.

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