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Peter Kjær Mackie Jensen
Peter Kjær Mackie Jensen


Medlem af:

  • Copenhagen Center for Disaster Research

I have resently come back to focus on research (Cholera) after years in teaching and institutional development . I am currently heading the disaeter and environmental health research group at the section of Global health in the department of Public health.  Through my previus position as Director of the Copenhagen Center for Disaster Research, COPE, I have gained a large network and am connected with many disaster researchers working at University of Copenhagen. Before COPE was established, I was Head of Studies for the Master of Disaster Management programme (MDMa), which I co-created in 2008. The interdisciplinary connections I have made through my work with MDMa and COPE now manifest themselves in the variety of my current research interests.


Current research:


Primary research

My core area is Environmental Hygiene; mainly water and sanitation, as well as the transmission of hygiene-related diseases (such as cholera and other diarrheal diseases) during disasterous events and in developing countries.


Primary teaching

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