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Robert Allen Karasek
Robert Allen Karasek

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(a) Job stress and systemic physiological explanations of disease using bio-monitoring methods, such as workplace heart rate variability and blood pressure, in relation to cardiovascular disease, metabolic disease, and mental disorders.

(b) Development of job stress psychosocial assessment questionnaires (such as the Job Content Questionnaire (JCQ)) and their use in international comparative studies of global economic pressure, organizational structural change, and chronic disease.

(c) Action research involving selected work-reorganization approaches: skill-based productivity enhancement, combined with psychosocial hazard and disability risk reduction.

(d) Current interest and writing in the area of large-scale political economic and social policy implications of the psychological and social work environment.

Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

Work and organizational psychology; Psychosocial occupational health risks for chronic disease


Work stress, stress physiology and chronic disease; Psychosocial work assessment; Work organization and work redesign

Primære forskningsområder

Work stress, stress physiology and chronic disease; Work organization and work redesign; Psychosocial work assessment; Psychosocial political economy

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