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Rune Ehrenreich Kuhre
Rune Ehrenreich Kuhre


My primary research interests/activities centre on the study of peptide-hormones that regulates appetite and metabolism (e.g. blood-sugar). My work is, in particular, focused on studying the molecular mechanisms and physiology of  a number of peptide hormones  that optimize nutrient deposition, normalize blood glucose and inhibit further food intake when secreted from the gut  (CCK, GIP, NT, GLP-1, OX, PYY)  and pancreas (glucagon, insulin and somatostatin). I study this by in vivo studies on rodents, by isolated perfused rat pancreas or intestine models - which have intact cell polarity and contact with physiological cell neighbors, nerves and vasculature, but at the same time allows strict control of the components of exposure – and by studies on GLP-1 producing cell lines, allowing investigation of ‘L-cell’ molecular biology such as gene expression, gene knock down and fluorescence microscopy.  By improving the knowledge about the molecular mechanisms that control the secretion of these peptide hormones, we hope to pave the way for novel pharmacological treatment strategies that may treat obesity and type-2-diabetes by selective targeting of the secretion of these peptide-hormones.

ID: 40730697