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Sam Bruun-Lund

Sam Bruun-Lund

Videnskabelig ass.

Currently I am involved in research on three groups of plants namely Galanthus (Vintergæk), Ficus (Figen) and Equisetum (Padderok). 

My main focus lies in the Fig-Wasp Mutualism, through my PhD project: Resolving the origin and evolution of the fig-wasp mutualism using next generation sequencingThe aim is to apply various next generation sequencing approaches to resolve and understand the origin and evolution of the genus Ficus (figs). Ficus has ~800 species and is a very diverse genus with a wide array of life forms – including shrubs, trees, climbers and even species that will strangle trees in the fight for sunlight. Figs have evolved together with their pollinators for more than 75 million years and both organisms are completely dependent on each other to survive and reproduce. 



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