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Søren Bennike

Søren Bennike


Researcher ID: D-2611-2015

Søren Bennike is a Post-Doctoral researcher and lecturer at the 'Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports' at the University of Copenhagen. He teaches the courses 'sport in the welfare society' and 'the organisation of sport - in theory and practice'. He completed a Master degree in 2010 and PhD degree in 2016 - both in the area of Humanities and Social Sport Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. In between (2010-2012) he was teaching two years at the University College Zealand (University of Applied Sciences).

Søren Bennike is part of the research unit entitled “Sport, Individual & Society”, which among others explores how sport has evolved and is evolving in various political and cultural contexts. The focus is on relations and connections between sport culture and different areas of society. The research includes theoretical analysis as well as empirical studies.

Søren Bennike’s main research areas are rooted in policy and politics, institutions and organisations, implementation and innovation – all related to sport.

ID: 40815052