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Stefania G. Baldursdottir

Stefania G. Baldursdottir


Primære forskningsområder

My research focus is on the use of macromolecules in pharmaceutical technology, and can be subdivided into the work on the use of polymers in the formulation and processing of small molecular APIs, both by crystal engineering and designing particles, and on the improvement of stability and processability of biomacromolecules, which also can be divided into stability in bulk solution and/or in the presence of interfaces. With my research I like to gain in depth knowledge on the influence of various excipients, both small molecules like salts and sugars that affect the protein behavior and the polymeric excipients that can both greatly affect the formulation properties by changing the powder characteristics in particle design, and influence the protein behavior e.g. at interfaces.

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F24-1 Lægemiddelfremstilling
F24-2 Lægemiddelfremstilling, øvelser
F23-1 Lægemiddelformulering


Theses 2009

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