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Xuan Li
Xuan Li

Aktuel forskning

I am a PhD candidate and my supervisor is Professor Jens Villiam Hoff.

My focus of research project lies in how youth policy can be better made and carried out as well as how local governance takes form in order to engage more youngsters in civic dialogue and deliberation process.

As to the youth policy, I will adopt desk research to look into four municipal youth websites in Denmark and relevant literature to find out the strategic orientation of its youth policy, more specifically, its age range, its focus, its coverage and its depth. Furthermore, i will also conduct interviews to youth officials to find out what are the underlying basis driven behind to make the youth policy look this way. And then i will make a detailed analytical assessment of each municipal youth policy.

In regard to the operational implementation of youth policy, i will conduct case study to shed some lights on how the initiative has been carried out both in the eyes of youth officials and of youngsters. After case study has been accomplished, i will find where the implementation gap locates and endeavor to bridge the gap between youth officials and youth.

In terms of local governance structure, i will delve into what degree governmental institutions regard youth as consumers or participants or even initiators. In other words, are most of initiatives in the municipality led by governments or youth organizations or youth individuals? By addressing this puzzle, i will look into the power sharing relationship between governmental institutions and youth organizations regarding to youth matters.

At the final step, i will conduct my surveys to youngsters on the basis of conceptualization of civic engagement into civic attitude and civic behaviors. After the data has been collected, i will have basic idea of the level of youth civic engagement in municipal levels.

All this proposed activities in Denmark only fall partially in my overarching research project but constitute inevitably crucial steps in my research. Basically, my research consists of three parts. Firstly, make the comparative studies within four danish municipalities. Secondly, make the comparative studies between Hong Kong and Wuhan. Finally, hope to draw some conclusions based on the shared characters of youth policy between China and Denmark. Besides, making comparative studies between Hong Kong and Wuhan can be substantially interesting, since they are under strikingly different regimes but under same sovereignty. I aspire to uncover some interesting finds through the comparison of youth policy and local governance structure between Hong Kong and Wuhan, hoping to offer conditions  which render our future young generation more promising futures.

Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

My supervisor and i are planning to jointly teach a couse in 2018 spring. But detailes have been discussed yet.

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