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Yosef Kamal Ibssa
Yosef Kamal Ibssa

Ekstern lektor

  • Sociologisk studienævn

    Øster Farimagsgade 5, Postboks 2099, 1014 København K, CSS, Bygning 16, Opgang I, Bygning: 16.1.47

    Telefon: +45 35 32 45 02

Aktuel forskning

Dr. Yosef Kamal Ibssa Research Interests

  • Globalisation; Migration/Refugee/integration/securitization/racism
  • External influences on democratization
  • Hegemonic transitions and great power rivalries in Africa
  • The geopolitics of China’s rise in Africa: Implications and challenges for democratization and human rights
  • Understanding the contemporary securitization of Migration and new (Cultural) racism in Denmark
  • The racialization of COVID-19 and racism and xenophobia in china: consequences for China’s soft-power and image in Africa
  • Democratic Transition in Ethiopia: Challenges Ahead
  • African Move to Withdraw from the International Court of Justice (ICC):Assessment of Issues and Implications
  • New Dynamics of Russian-African Geopolitical Relations
  • Regional Peace and Security: African Peace-Keeping mission in Somalia: successes and failures

Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder


  • Issues in International Development
  • Migration and Refugees in a Globalized world
  • Globalization and its Discontents
  • Migration, Refugees and citizenship in a globalized world
  • Democracy and Democratization in comparative Perspective
  • Conflict and Peacemaking in Divided Societies
  • Danish society –A sociological perspective (coordinator)

ID: 925349