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A randomized trial to evaluate continuation versus discontinuation fo lamivudine in individuals failing a lamivudine-containing regimen: the COLATE trial

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftTidsskriftartikelForskningfagfællebedømt

  • Zoe Fox
  • Ulrik Bak Dragsted
  • J Gerstoft
  • AN Phillips
  • Jesper Kjær
  • L Mathiesen
  • M Youle
  • C Katlama
  • A Hill
  • JN Bruun
  • N Clumeck
  • P Dellamonica
  • Lundgren, Jens
BACKGROUND: Lamivudine (3TC) therapy can cause the emergence of M1841/V. Previous studies suggest a higher fidelity of the mutant reverse transcriptase and lower replication capacity of the mutant virus. No data exist from clinical comparative studies evaluating the benefit of M1841/V in patients receiving combination antiretroviral therapy (cART). METHODS: HIV-1-infected adults failing a 3TC-containing regimen were randomized to continue (On-3TC) or discontinue 3TC (Off-3TC) whilst receiving cART. The primary efficacy measure was the log10 average-area-under-the-curve-minus-baseline reduction in HIV RNA over 48 weeks. Cryopreserved plasma samples from patients with baseline and > or =1 follow-up sample with HIV RNA >500 copies/ml were sequenced for a nucleotide distances substudy. Evolutionary distances were compared between treatment arms and between viruses with and without M1841/V. RESULTS: The overall 48-week log10 HIV RNA change was -1.4 (95% CI: -1.6, -1.1) for On-3TC (n=65) and -1.5 (95% CI: -1.7, -1.2) for Off-3TC (n=66; P=0.51). No difference was seen in the magnitude of the CD4+ T-cell count increases (median increase: 87 vs 76 cells/ml for 3TC vs Off-3TC, respectively). Thirty-seven patients had baseline and follow-up sequencing. Overall, there were 1.2 (95% CI: -2.2, 4.6) more nucleotide substitutions from baseline for Off-3TC patients (P=0.50), and 10.7 (95% CI: 7.5, 14.0) fewer nucleotide changes in viruses containing M18411V (P<0.0001). CONCLUSION: This study found no added virological or immunological benefit of continuing 3TC in patients on cART harbouring M1841/V. Evolutionary distances from baseline were larger in viruses that did not contain M1841/V. More discernable benefits may be seen in patients with fewer drug options as potent cART may eclipse a benefit of M1841/V in COLATE.
TidsskriftAntiviral Therapy
Udgave nummer6
Sider (fra-til)761-770
StatusUdgivet - 2006

ID: 34171952