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Carbon dioxide and methane dynamics in Russian tundra

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  • Paul Torbjörn Johansson
  • Isabell Kiepe
  • Mathias Herbst
  • Henrik Søgaard
  • Friborg, Thomas
Russia. The area is situated at 67°N in the European part of northeast Russia within the Pechora basin. The Russian tundra region is an area which has recently been subject to many speculations in relation to climatic change effects and greenhouse gas (GHG) exchange but still little scientific evidence is available from this region. At present, there are fundamental questions to answer about the CH4 concentration in the atmosphere and its oscillations and what role CH4 exchange may have under future climatic conditions, To do so, we need to better understand the ecosystem- atmosphere interactions and the annual carbon dynamics. Here we present eddy correlation measurements of CO2 and CH4 exchange during the period from early spring to late autumn, covering the full growing season, i.e., mid June to mid September. We present preliminary seasonal budgets of carbon, greenhouse gas exchange, and discuss possible implications of climatic change on this lowland tundra ecosystem. This study have been conducted as a part of the CARBO-North project (2006-2010), a project within the EU 6th framework programme, aiming at quantifying the carbon budget in Northern Russia across temporal and spatial scales.
StatusUdgivet - 2008
BegivenhedAGU 2008 Fall Meeting - San Francisco, USA
Varighed: 13 dec. 200819 dec. 2008


KonferenceAGU 2008 Fall Meeting
BySan Francisco

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Volume: 89

ID: 8698919