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Data-intensive technologies in Pathology: Understanding the challenges and potential in the medical profession, diagnostics, and medical education

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In this research project, I focus on data-intensive technologies in the medical discipline of pathology at the Capital Region of Denmark, Copenhagen University Hospitals. The main objectives are to inquire about the policy-related and epistemological rationales underpinning data-intensive technologies in this medical discipline and the key challenges regarding implementation and adoption in diagnostics; how have these technologies changed the way pathologists (experienced and specializing trainees) perceive and think
about their profession, epistemic authority, and the notion of care; and their impact on medical education and learning. This project is based upon a main question and two sub questions that address data-intensive healthcare through the epistemological and political reasons of adoption; impact on the professional identity of practitioners in pathology; and learning with these technologies. The theoretical background of this research will draw from science and technology studies, such as the material semiotic approach, valuation and evaluation studies, and sociology of knowledge and philosophy through the notion of trust.
These lenses will help to elucidate different aspects of the research questions. To address the latter in context, I will employ a set of qualitative methodologies such as ethnography (observation), in depth interviews, and document analysis. Each of these methods will be tailored not only to the research settings (i.e, clinical settings, institutions, and/or educational settings), but also to the diverse stakeholders involved and their agency concerning data-intensive healthcare.
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StatusIkke-udgivet - 2020

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