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Designing for Legal Health and Problem Prevention: Merging Future-oriented Law with Design Thinking and Doing

Publikation: Bidrag til bog/antologi/rapportBidrag til bog/antologiForskningfagfællebedømt

Lawyers have been working with problem prevention for a long time, as trusted advisors, planners, and coaches. Preventive law, proactive law, collaborative law, therapeutic jurisprudence, and other emerging disciplines are all part of a larger movement in law. They do not merely look back to resolve problems that have occurred in the past – instead, they look forward and seek to prevent the causes of problems from arising. They reach beyond bare legal rights and obligations to enable and drive desirable outcomes. They focus on the parties’ goals, needs, and relationships, seek to increase their awareness and engagement, and seek ways to make things work. They improve legal communication, services, technologies, and solutions to make these more functional, useful, and usable. In essence, they do what designers have always done.
Many legal problems are caused by misunderstandings. People do not read complex documents. Even if they read, they may not find what they are looking for or understand what they find. This chapter introduces legal information design as a way to promote legal health and prevent legal problems. It proposes a new mindset and skillset, shifting lawyers from being unconscious designers – creating communication, contracts, policies, and manuals in conventional ways – to conscious designers, with a focus on the users and the need for more useful and usable guidance and more creative ideas. With this new mindset and skillset, it becomes natural to look for new tools to present legal information in more engaging and actionable ways. Design patterns offer a promising new way to identify and share such tools, for the benefit of lawyers and clients alike.
TitelLegal Design : Integrating Business, Design, & Legal Thinking with Technology
RedaktørerMarcelo Corrales Compagnucci, Helena Haapio, Margaret Hagan, Michael Doherty
Udgivelses stedCheltenham
ForlagEdward Edgar Publishing
StatusUnder udarbejdelse - 2020

ID: 231858430