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Disturbances in Tooth Mineralization and Forensic Dental Age Estimations

Publikation: KonferencebidragPosterFormidling

When performing a forensic dental age assessment, mineralization disturbances of the teeth and the possible consequences these may have upon the reliability of the assessment must be taken into consideration. Furthermore, mineralization disturbances of a general character in the teeth may be seen as an indicator of more systemic insults during tooth formation and thus supplement the examination performed by the forensic pathologist. At our department the forensic dental age assessment is based upon a dental panoramic image, intra oral images of the third molars as well as a clinical photograph of the front teeth in the upper jaw. The assessment of mineralization disturbances is based upon both the clinical photograph as well as the radiological images, where the assessment of the clinical photograph functions as a quick screening for mineralization disturbances. If there are signs of disturbances of mineralization in tooth formation, it should be further examined whether the disorder has impacted tooth formation and thus root growth. This could influence the assessment of the chronological age.
Publikationsdato21 jun. 2016
StatusUdgivet - 21 jun. 2016
BegivenhedIntersocietal Symposium of the International Academy of Legal Medicine - Venice, Italien
Varighed: 21 jun. 201624 jun. 2016


KonferenceIntersocietal Symposium of the International Academy of Legal Medicine

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