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Forbedring og fornyelse af FN’s fredsarbejde: Politiske og praktiske udfordringer på vejen mod et styrket FN

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Throughout 2015-16, the UN system has undergone a process of introspection with regards to its peace operations. This has resulted in emerging reform efforts, which we expect António Guterres to intensify when he takes office as Secretary-General in 2017. Because the UN is a significant instrument in Danish security policy, it is crucial that the organization retains its relevance for solving security challenges. It is therefore important for Denmark that the Secretary-General, along with as many UN member states as possible, will succeed in implementing reforms in a way that will strengthen the UN. The present report provides an overview of the suggested reforms and the analytical reports that underpin them. The reforms aim to strengthen the military side and revitalize the diplomatic aspects of peace operations. In short, there are a number of political and practical challenges for the UN’s peace operations. The political challenges stem from the different views among member states about the role of the UN in international politics. These different views are outlined in a chapter on the political context for reforms and, in subsequent chapters on military and diplomatic means, we then illustrate how these differences unfold in concrete terms. As for the military means, the challenges are well-known, and the report sums up the issues such as the lack of troops, logistics, material, and training – and the solutions that the UN is considering in order to solve the challenges. As for the diplomatic means, the UN system itself, member states, and independent experts believe that the UN should put prevention, people, partnerships, and politics first. The report provides an analysis of these four themes for reform and the synergies between them. But the report also points out, contrary to other analyses of peace operation reforms, that there is a risk of contradiction between them. The report will shed light on the fact that unintended consequences will occasionally be the result when the UN attempts to put several themes first at the same time. Finally, the report sets out a number of recommendations for how Denmark could contribute to strengthening the UN as a useful instrument for Danish security policy. The recommendations build on opportunities presented by the synergies in the reform process and on ways to diminish the risk of unintended consequences and contradictions.
ForlagCenter for militære studier
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ISBN (Trykt)9788773937914
ISBN (Elektronisk)9788773937914
StatusUdgivet - 21 dec. 2016

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