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Heavy consumption and drink driving: A qualitative analysis of edgework among younger drink drivers

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This paper is part of an ongoing mixed methods project about untreated heavy alcohol consumption amongst adult Danes. It is based upon 21 in-depth qualitative interviews with convicted drink drivers. All interviewees were contacted while attending mandatory courses in “Alcohol and Traffic safety” needed for recovering the driver’s license. The interviews were conducted either in relation to the course, in private or in our office. A semi-structured interview guide was used for all interviews. The 21 interviewees consist of 5 female and 16 male, ranging from 20 to 69 years. The paper focuses on the interviewee’s risk behaviour, especially in relation to driving. The interviewees are first divided into 1) a group of young “edgeworkers” with pronounced general risk behaviour, 2) a group of middle-aged “post-edgeworkers”, most with criminal records, and 3) a group of middle-aged and older heavy consumers with a more comprehensive approach towards drinking. In this paper focus is on the younger edgeworkers and post-edgeworkers, to which alcohol seems to play lesser role and is often mixed with other drugs as part of a wider scope of seeking excitement from risky behaviour.
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StatusUdgivet - 2010

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