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Low pain vs no pain multicore Haskells

Publikation: Bidrag til bog/antologi/rapportKonferencebidrag i proceedingsForskningfagfællebedømt

  • Mustafa Aswad
  • Phil Trinder
  • Abdallah Al Zain
  • Greg Michaelson
  • Jost Berthold
Multicores are becoming the dominant processor technology andfunctional languages are theoretically well suited to exploit them. In practice,however, implementing effective high level parallel functional languages is extremelychallenging.This paper is the first programming and performance comparison of functionalmulticore technologies and reports some of the first ever multicore resultsfor two languages. As such it reflects the growing maturity of the field bysystematically evaluating four parallel Haskell implementations on a commonmulticore architecture. The comparison contrasts the programming effort eachlanguage requires with the parallel performance delivered. The study uses 15’typical’ programs to compare a ’no pain’, i.e. entirely implicit, parallel languagewith three ’low pain’, i.e. semi-explicit languages.The parallel Haskell implementations use different versions of GHC compilertechnology, and hence the comparative performance metric is speedup whichnormalises against sequential performance. We ground the speedup comparisonsby reporting both sequential and parallel runtimes and efficiencies for three ofthe languages. Our experiments focus on the number of programs improved, theabsolute speedups delivered, the parallel scalability, and the program changesrequired to coordinate parallelism. The results are encouraging and, on occasion,surprising.
TitelTrends in Functional Programming Volume 10
RedaktørerZoltán Horváth, Viktória Zsók, Peter Achten, Pieter Koopman
Antal sider16
ISBN (Trykt)978-1-84150-158-1
ISBN (Elektronisk)978-1-84150-442-1
StatusUdgivet - 2010
Begivenhed10th Symposium on Trends in Functional Programming - Selye János University, Komárno, Slovakiet
Varighed: 2 jun. 20094 jun. 2009
Konferencens nummer: 10


Konference10th Symposium on Trends in Functional Programming
LokationSelye János University

ID: 16812422