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Picture Oneself: The Click Through the Looking Glass of the Mobilephone

Publikation: Forskning - fagfællebedømtPaper

The visual turn has been introduced and discussed since around 2000, as an opposition to the linguistic turn around 1900. Even though the internet was still approached as a media of words. Since then social media and the internet turned more and more towards the visuals: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook’s Timeline, Snapchat, and Pokémon Go. In 2015 media scholar, Nicholas Mirzoeff pointed out that the most notable uses of the internet is to create, send and view images of all kinds. Three matters will be investigated in my presentation, 1) why does this change occur, 2) what is an image – and what is an image in the age of the internet, and 3) what is the relation between the images and the subject at the screen. Alternatively, to rephrase the last: why are the images so important?
I will investigate these three matters via analysis of two TV-commercials for smartphones from 2007 and 2016.
Publikationsdato22 okt. 2017
Antal sider14
StatusE-pub ahead of print - 22 okt. 2017
BegivenhedAoIR - University of Tartu, Tartu, Estland
Varighed: 18 okt. 201721 okt. 2017


LokationUniversity of Tartu

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  • Det Humanistiske Fakultet - visuality, internet, social media, poctorial turn, internet as visuality, tv-commercial, net-commercials, technology, smartphone, mobilephone, images, imagery, aestehtics, trauma, memory, affct

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