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Preparing investigation of methods for surveying tree seed demands among farmers in Tanzania.

Publikation: Working paperForskning

  • Anders Aabæk
Insufficient seed supplies is often a major constraint on tree planting activities in developing countries. A central problem is to assess the actual demands for tree seed. This report shall, as a part of a PhD-study, prepare an investigation of different methods for surveying tree seed demands and preferences among private farmers in Tanzania. A framework for investigating seed demand and supply is outlined. The role of a national tree seed project in a seed supply sector is discussed and data requirements for strategy on seed procurement and tree improvement are outlined. Earlier surveys on seed demand pattern in Tanzania, Uganda and Nicaragua are discussed and a choice of strategy for an extensive survey of seed demand and supply in Tanzania is made. Different data collection methods and tools, e.g. quantitative and qualitative surveys and rapid rural appraisals, are described in detail and their usefulness for a national survey with limited resources are analyzed. Then, central issues for planning and carrying out a survey are discussed, e.g. survey design, questionnaire construction, interviewing techniques, sampling strategies, and balancing different sources of bias. Finally, strategic, organizational and practical issues to be tested and analyzed as part of the PhD-study are elaborated.
UdgiverForskningscentret for Skov & Landskab
Antal sider44
StatusUdgivet - 2001

ID: 20613894