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Queen Margarethe II Wants You! Diversity in the Danish Armed Forces

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The Danish Armed Forces face the functional imperative of becoming a smaller, professional expeditionary force and the societal imperative of including women and ethnic minorities. It currently lags behind its NATO partners in gender and ethnic diversity. Lessons to be learned from NATO members with more diverse militaries, such as the United States, Great Britain, and Canada, include recognition of diversity as a societal imperative to sustain the legitimacy of the armed forces, the necessity of systematically collecting and reporting personnel data to guide policy, the necessity of patience and realistic goals, systematically developing recruitment, development, and retention policies, and the superiority of an all-volunteer force over conscription in fulfilling this societal imperative.
Publikationsdato5 apr. 2013
Antal sider32
StatusUdgivet - 5 apr. 2013
BegivenhedISA 54th Annual Convention of the International Studies Association 2013: The Politics of International Diffusion: Regional and Global Dimensions - San Francisco, California, USA
Varighed: 3 apr. 20136 apr. 2013


KonferenceISA 54th Annual Convention of the International Studies Association 2013
BySan Francisco, California

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