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Stability of parameters in repeated TVA measures: Whole Report versus Change Detection

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  • Thomas Alrik Sørensen
Several recent studies have explored the limitations of human visual short-term memory or VSTM (e.g. Luck & Vogel, 1997; Wheeler & Treisman, 2002; Alvarez & Cavanagh, 2004). Usually researchers agree that VSTM is limited to a capacity of about 3 to 4 objects at any given moment (Cowan, 2001).
Capacity of short-term memory is measured in a range of studies often using the change detection paradigm (CD). However, the whole report paradigm (WR) may be a more reliable paradigm (Cusack, Lehmann, Veldsman, & Mitchell, 2009). Moreover, each individual WR trial yield more information compared to a CD trial.
It is argued that WR is to be the preferred paradigm unless the experiment can only be performed in CD. Finally data is presented showing multiple tests within single subjects indicating that some parameters are more stable than other. K seem to be a more stable parameter than C which varies within single subjects over different test sessions.
StatusUdgivet - 2010
BegivenhedMeeting of the International TVA network - Copenhagen, Danmark
Varighed: 17 jun. 201018 jun. 2010
Konferencens nummer: 1


KonferenceMeeting of the International TVA network

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