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Survival of, and induced stress resistance in, carbon-starved Pseudomonas fluorescens cells residing in soil

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftTidsskriftartikelForskningfagfællebedømt

We investigated the survival, cell length, and development of general stress resistance in populations of Pseudomonas fluorescens R2f and its rifampin-resistant mutant, R2f Rpr, following exposure to carbon starvation conditions in liquid cultures and residence in two different soils, Flevo silt loam (FSL) and Ede loamy sand (ELS). In much the same way as was recently shown for P. putida KT2442, carbon-starved P. fluorescens R2f populations revealed enhanced resistance to otherwise lethal treatments, such as exposure to ethanol, high temperature, osmotic tension, and oxidative stress. A large population of nonculturable P. fluorescens R2f Rpr cells arose shortly after their introduction into ELS soil, whereas the formation of nonculturable cells was not observed in FSL soil. Also, the inoculant cell (based on immunofluorescence) and CFU counts decreased faster in ELS soil than in FSL soil. Introduction of carbon-starved instead of exponential-growth-phase R2f Rpr cells into ELS soil did not affect bacterial survival. The inoculant cell length decreased in soil, and no large differences in cell length in the two soil types were observed. Addition of glucose to ELS soil resulted in a stable cell length of R2f Rpr cells, whereas carbon-starved cells introduced into ELS soil remained small. Exponentially growing R2f Rpr cells developed enhanced resistance to ethanol, high temperature, osmotic tension, and oxidative stress within 1 day in both soils, whereas cells introduced into ELS soil amended with glucose showed decreased resistance. Cells that were carbon starved prior to introduction into ELS soil showed unchanged stress resistance levels upon residence in soil.
TidsskriftApplied and Environmental Microbiology
Udgave nummer12
Sider (fra-til)4202-8
Antal sider7
StatusUdgivet - 1995
Eksternt udgivetJa

ID: 44304799