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Transfected parvalbumin alters calcium homeostasis in teratocarcinoma PCC7 cells

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftTidsskriftartikelForskningfagfællebedømt

  • B K Müller
  • P Kabos
  • B Belhage
  • T Neumann
  • S B Kater
Indirect evidence supports a protective role of some EF-hand calcium-binding proteins against calcium-induced neurotoxicity. Little is known about how these proteins influence cytosolic calcium levels. After cloning the parvalbumin cDNA into an expression vector, teratocarcinoma cells (PCC7) were transfected. Parvalbumin-transfected and mock-transfected cells were loaded with the calcium indicator fura-2 and were exposed, in the same dish, to different concentrations of the calcium ionophore A23187 or to KCI. The results show that parvalbumin-transfected PCC7 cells had much better calcium buffering capacity than control cells.
TidsskriftEuropean Journal of Cell Biology
Udgave nummer4
Sider (fra-til)360-7
Antal sider8
StatusUdgivet - 1 apr. 1996

ID: 34140515